Dub Warriors Vol 2 - Rudimentary Structure Expansion

by Various



It has almost been two years since the debut Dub Warriors compilation's release. Although it's been a long wait. And the memories of the first volume have petered to an echo (quite a sustained echo at that). Our slow build up of anticipation has not been in vain... This new edition of productions has made us, at the TDP HQ. Proud, and honoured to have the privilege of compiling such an array of astounding directions in electronic music. The Dub Warriors have joined forces once again. Forging sounds set to bathe ears in familiar waters, and others which resonate the ripples of possibilities, choices and change. These twelve tracks of complete and utter sonic pleasure, reveal to us yet another genre binding pot of gold. By coincidence, the twelve artists have intuitively designed a compilation which reveals a story of legend, blending in to the story of 'the now'. From beginning to end we can hear and feel a development which is hard to describe. Whilst at the start we can appreciate the simplistic, satisfying, minimal and technical nature of bass music and deep dubstep. We proceed, and an evolution from one particular style to another suddenly emerges from the depths of the subtle tones. These styles then branch out and grow new buds of inspiration. Gradually these buds bloom and boom in to an alternative state of existence. The dub is still there, the bass is still there and the tone has expanded in to a wider, more emotional trail of reminiscence. From the rudimentary structures which founded dub's platform. To the ever so intelligent and psychedelic sounds of modern creative synthesis and sound design. Triple Drop Productions hopes that there is something within this release for everyone. That there really is a particular tail written here. An enticing tail of variation and universal frequencies for all to enjoy... You only have to listen to appreciate the Rudimentary Structure Expansion that is narrated in this exciting new collection.


released March 24, 2014

Composers in order of track list: Saxon Higgs, George Cunning, Dave Silvester, Troy Hoggart, Jack Warwick, Guillermo Agnese, Ben Wyss, Jordan De Senna, Kris Thomas, Tim Howe & Michael Folk & Daniel Merrill, Tom Chant, Luis Ramirez.

Artwork by Anne Thomas @ Shining Edge... Layout and graphic design by Saxon Higgs.

Mastered @ Brujo Media

Catalog Number: TDP014



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